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A roof mounted array can often be the most cost effective due to not having to drill holes and pour cement, however, you may need to install module-level rapid shutdown equipment which will then increase the overall cost. If the roof in questions has many different planes facing different directions or if there is a significant amount of shading from trees, the homeowner may want to consider a ground or pole mount. A roof mount can also make snow removal a bit more difficult for those that live in a precipitous environment.

Ground mounts can certainly be a bit more labor intensive on installation but they offer advantage in that you can place the solar array in optimal tilt (fixed) and azimuth (fixed). With ground mounts, module-level rapid shutdown is not required, but string-level rapid shutdown is. There are a few more options on the market for satisfying this requirement over module-level RSS. Ground mounts are highly recommended in areas with significant snowfall and/or if the home has a less than ideal roof design.

Top of pole mount systems offer the most production potential between the three options. A top of pole mount from MT Solar in Montana will give you the ability to change the azimuth your array is facing as well as change the degree tilt to adjust for time of year. With these awesome features, there is certainly a cost. The top of pole mount systems are a fair bit more expensive and can sometimes be difficult to install, depending on the terrain and soil type.

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