Complete Systems

Complete Systems


“My problem was that I did not understand how to put all the proper components together to form an off-grid system. Iron Edison helped explain everything to me. My Iron Edison batteries are 100% reliable and the service is second to none.” – Anthony, Customer

Where to Start

A lot of times starting the off-grid process can be overwhelming.  This is where Iron Edison can help.  Our complete systems are a good starting point for our customers.  Every project is unique, so changes can be made to any of our options.

Parts Of An Off-Grid System

For every system you need Solar panels, charge controller, inverter, battery, circuit breakers, and solar racking solution. Our Iron Edison batteries work with all major Inverter and charge controller brands like Schneider, Outback, Magnum, SMA and Midnite Solar.

System Sizes

At Iron Edison, we design systems from small to large. Check out our complete solar power systems and backup power kits for Tiny homes/ RVs, Cabins, Homes, and even large commercial.

What System is right for you

Tiny Home/ RV


Small Cabin

Grid-Tied Home

Large Commerical

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